Menu - Current Available Beers

Here are the current beers we have available through Liquor Marts, Winnipeg and Manitoba Beer Stores, Local Restaurants and Bars, and of course, Torque Brewing who is making our beer!

Sinister Intentions - New England I.P.A
$4.20 / 473 ml can

Our Sinister Intentions New England I.P.A. is an ale that is hazy in appearance, bursting with aromas and flavours of luscious stone fruit and tropical fruit forward hoppiness. The taste is juicy, creamy and rich without being sweet. It finishes soft and smooth and lingers dreamily on the palate enticing you to have another sip.
6.0%  alc/vol.         18 IBUs            5 SRM
Release Date:   July 4, 2022.

Red Planet Rocketeer- Red Ale 
$3.90 / 473 ml Can

This is our most malt forward beer yet. Sure hops are nice, and we added those too, but this beer has a toasty biscuity character with hints of caramel and toffee. Smooth!!!! Wait, you didn't say it right...smmmoooooth. Better, try again, this time like Barry White...SMMMOOOOTH!!! Yeah baby yeah! We like it like that! Tasty, sessionable, malty and SMMMooooth!!!

4.9% alc./vol.         22 IBUs           11.4 SRM
Release Date:  May 13, 2022 

Dark Matter Machine - Black Ale
$3.90 / 473 ml Can

Our entry in the Stout category a dark and flavourful ale without being to heavy. This black ale is a fusion of classic styled Irish Dry Stout and a more modern North American Stout. It will satisfy those 'dark side' fans with notes of espresso and roasted malts, and just enough hops so you know they are there. Clean, dry and not so strong that you can't have another.

5.2% alc./vol.           46 IBUs          38.8 SRM
Release Date: Fe-brew-ary 14, 2022

Diabolically Decadent - Brown Ale
$3.70 / 473 ml Can

This decadent treat of a beer is rich and malty, but also hoppy. Earthy hop aromas of pine and stone fruit up front blend well with flavours of caramel, chocolate and espresso malts. The body is smooth and well rounded, and finishes with a pleasant residual hop taste reminiscent of spruce tips.

5.3% alc./vol.          32 IBUs          26.0 SRM

Release Date: October 18 2021.

Nefarious Plan "A" - Dry Hopped Yellow Ale
$3.50 / 473ml Can          

Our first beer - Nefarious Plan A - Dry Hopped Yellow ale is a modern spin on the classic pre-prohibition beer style of Cream Ale. Smooth, rich, satisfying, with low bitterness and overtones of bready grains. it starts with a generous bouquet of citrus hops and tropical fruits. It is an easy drinking sessionable beer that pairs well with pretty much any foods or snacks. Nefarious Plan A is a great alternative to other yellow beers like Lagers and Pilsners. Historically Cream Ale was North America's answer to the Pilsners coming out of Europe. Modern day dry hopping techniques were added to give this classic a fresh new profile. Try this on your favourite restaurant patio, camping at the music fest, sitting on the dock at the lake or any social gathering where a quaffable lighter beer is desired.

5% alc./vol.          20 IBUs          4 SRM

Release Date: August 13, 2021 (Yes - Friday the 13th!).

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Visit our brewing partner - Torque Brewing - where our beers are currently being made.  You can purchase from their website and also arrange for pick up and delivery.  

Purchase our beer from Torque Brewing website!

Menu - Forthcoming Beers

These are the beers that we are actively working on bringing to the market.  Watch for them soon at a purveyor of fermented malt products near you.

A Necessary Evil - IPA

473 ml. can: $TBA

A name synonymous with ...well...a basic ale. I mean who uses the term ale anymore (we do - we're rebels). It's IPA this and IPA that and most all of them aren't even traditional India Pale Ales. We've got New Enlgand, West Coast, No Coast, Belgian, American, Black, Brown, Red, Rye, White, English, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Brut, Milkshake, Imperial, Session, Sour, Fruited, Wet Hop, Dry Hop, and even Argentinian IPAs. Like really..whose idea was to call all beer IPA? Use the term BEER, or is 4 letters to many for you? Are you some kind of bearded mutant hipster? (That might be a good beer name). So anyways, this beer is a classic India Pale Ale, aromatic, bitter, hoppy, malty with resiny notes in the finish. We hope the Queen won't be too disappointed in us.

5.5ish% +/- alc/vol.          Lots of IBUs          Typical SRM

Expected: Winter 2022

REmote Controlled Cats! - White Ale

473 ml. can: $TBA

And you thought they acted like that of their own accord. Well your wrong. All the brains of all the cats are networked into our mega super uber computer, and it is our nefarious algorithyms that make them that way. And once we get the bugs out of the system, all your catnip will be ours!

5.5ish% +/- alc/vol.          Lots of IBUs           Typical SRM

Expected: Winter 2022

Menu - Prototypes concepts and Hypotheticals

These are the beers we have in our good idea box (and by good idea box we actually mean evil idea box, that has great ideas.  Great and evil Ideas, in a box.  For future villainy.)

Dreaded Dirigible


Look up there!  It's huge!  It's red!  It's a giant beer dispensing airship!  Yes you heard right, and airship!  Also known as a blimp, a lighter than air aircraft, or...a dirigible!  It has been too long since the sky was full of these giants, and mark our words they will return once again!  Our homage to these mighty airships is this fine red ale.  Ours boasts a malt forward aroma and a caramelly toasty toffee character.  Hop flavours are mildly earthy, and over all this is a smooth sessionable beer.  We can't wait for our ales to take to the sky in our very own Dreaded Dirigible!

Responsibly - Light Yellow Ale


Drink Responsibly!  It's a tasty beer endorsed by socially responsible drinkers everywhere!  And why wouldn't you want a beer with moderate alcoholic fortitude?  It means you can just drink more!  And since each Responsibly contains more water, it keeps you healthy and hydrated.  Same with our bank accounts - we're selling you more water for the same amount of coins!  Ka-ching!

The Evil Horse With No Name - Brown Porter


Of Course, Evil Horse!  Even Villains need faithful steeds.  Look at the horses from Lord of the Ring's Ring Wraiths.  Like a regular horse, only more evil and suited to a lifestyle of mayhem and global domination  The white riders from Game of Thrones had skeletal mounts.  And we all know Bad Horse from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.  Minion: "...should we let him get away...", Bad Horse: "Neigh".

Dark Helmet's Speed of Plaid - Hazy IPA


Okay speed freaks, lesson time from Evil University.  First there was Light Speed (blah blah blah science science science boring).  Once that was improved upon we had Ridiculous Speed.  But that wasn't all, as Ludicrous Speed was soon to follow, and by follow we really mean go so fast as to jump ahead of Ridiculous Speed.  But Ludicrous speed was never fast enough to compete remotely with Plaid Speed.  And now you know.

Flying Monkey Mesmeronic Nuggets Stout - Coffee Enriched Black Ale


Well you've heard of monkey poo coffee?  Well our evil team of evil geniuses have fed barley to specially bred genetically modified evil monkeys, who in turn poop only the darkest nuggets, which then infuse the tastiest of stouts.  And sorry animal rights people, monkeys were harmed in the process, being the inferior lower life form that they are.  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Bearded Mutant Hipster - A Sessionable New England Style West Coast Fusion Belgian White Milkshake Double Wet Hopped Fruited Milkshake Sour Red Rye India Pale Ale

$1 Beard + Cash

For a complete description of this beer read the friggin' name you hipster!  Hint....we won't be making this beer unless you pay us obscene amounts of money.  And shave off your beards.

Megamaniacal Monologue


See "A Damned Good Rant" below.

A Damned Good Rant


See "Megamaniacal Monologue" above.

The Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight


Boom baby yeah!

Elixer of Transmogrification



Girk Dentley's Green Fireball


A cocktail as strange as the mage who created the Green Fireball Spell!  Made better with Beer!

Flight of the Beer Baron

$100 +/-

A tasty sampling of all our beers!  Just wait...and wait....and we wait for permits and licenses and inspectors and contractors and trades people and muralists and painters and financial officers and bankers and accountants and brewers and crafts people and furniture makers and more permits and more licenses and and and and......and eventually we'll have beer flights in our own place.  Oh yes!  There will be flights and they will be amazing!