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See that, behind you, the dark figure with the black cloak and top hat.  Yes him.  That's not a beer he's holding under his cloak.  Well, maybe it is, but thats not the point.  That is the nefarious Doctor P. D. McDastardly, and he's on to you.  So if you were thinking of getting away without the small purchase of some quality ales, better think again


Global Domination and World Takeover, Just Kidding!  (Or are we....)

Disclaimers and Legalese:

Have you heard the one about the kid who sued Pepsi over the Jet?  Well Pepsi got in a bunch of trouble because nowhere in their ads did they say "Just Kidding".  So, here is our disclaimer paragraph hidden in plain sight on this very page, whereby we say JUST KIDDING!!!  So before you put on your lawyers hat and decide to sue us, just be away that this entire site is meant to be humorous, tongue in cheek, and a bit snarky.  What I'm saying is we are having a bit of fun with our whole Evil Villain theme, and we hope you have a sense of humour too.

So, any mentions of Death Rays, Mind Control Helmets, Private Dirigibles, or any other Weapons of Mass Destruction are meant to be jokes.  We don't really plan on making them let alone selling them.  Come on, would we do that?  No, we are a brewery wannabe.  If I could make a Death Ray, you can bet I wouldn't put it for sale on this website.  No sirree!  I'd go out and hold the world for ransom, like on the Saturday morning cartoons, or in an Austen Powers movie, or any James Bond flick! 

Did we really need to say this?  Probably not.  As a discerning lover of our fine ales that makes you smarter than the average bear.  And if you are one sub-average bear, this disclaimer is meant for you.  There, that makes us smarter than some high powered cola company advertising executives.

So relax, have Dastardly Villain brand ale, and laugh a little.