Dr. McDastardly's History of the Future

A Chronological Telling of the Building of The World's Best Evil Small Brewery as Seen Through the Quantum Flux Temporal Stasis Generator.

Makers of Beer Flavoured Beer

This modern era has shown us that humankind has strayed far away from the traditional pursuits of fine craft brewing.  Make good beer and they will come, that is our belief.  These new fangled modern beers with their laboratory derived synthetic flavours are strange obsure deviants from the accepted norm.  The time to remedy this is now.

Time to drink real beer with real beer flavour!

Our History


Sinister Intentions

Before the year is out, another tasty, hoppy and decidedly evil beer shall be unleashed!.  Stay tuned citizens - more details to come!

2021, October 22

Diabolically Decadent

Our second signature beer launches!  A North American style Brown Ale that is as hoppy as it is malty - as all evil beers should be!

2021, August, Friday the 13th

Nefarious Plan A

Our first beer launches on this superstitiously sinister yet auspiciously awesome day.
Are you feeling lucky?  We are!!!   This dry hopped yellow ale is hop forward yet smooth clean and easy to drink! 


Starting off

A New Year and a new plan for Evil Brewing arises!  The year of the Virus is waning, the year of the Villain is rising!


The Farce Awakens

A yes, the worst year in recent memory, this is clearly indisputable.  It is the perfect time to launch our evil plans and register the name Dastardly Villain with the local authorities and constabulary.  The new electric powered information dissemination contrivance, known in this future modern age as the world wide web, is a suitable vehicle from which to launch our new global takeover initiative. 

October 21, 2015

The Time Machine - The Future is Back

A new age from which to launch our glorious endeavors.  Arriving in the future age to see that electricity has indeed caught on and powers all kinds of devices from the mundane to the fantastical.  However our Temporal Flux Displacement Apparatus (ie Time Machine) is irrevocably damaged.  This new future holds many opportunities to separate the great unwashed masses from their monetary holdings!

January 1, 1885

Warm Up the Temporal Flux Displacement Apparatus

To the Future, and beyond.  Sensing the gaining traction of the temperance movement, plans are made to travel to a new destination to procure an environment that is not a threat to alcohol production.  Our genius decides it is not "where", but "when" and invents the Temporal Flux Displacement Apparatus.


McDastardly Invents the Worlds Best Beer

Sure there was beer before, and there will be beer again, but for the first time in history, the worlds most delicious beer existed.  If not for the confounded Temperance Libation Liberation Front destroying McDastardly's secret fermentation laboratory, there would have been no need to go into hiding.

June, 1880

Graduate from Evil Doctor School

With a Thesis in Zymurlogical Studies, and a minor in Temporal Quantum Physics, McDastardly is ready for greatness


Dr. P.D. McDastardly is Born

A Legend is Born